The Crucial Role of Display

Whether it’s window display or in-store signage and merchandising, it is all is crucial for your success.

Window displays help draw the customer in to your store by showing enticing products in a way that makes the viewer curious, at the very least. The goal here is to show some variety of what they might find on the inside and to use colors and patterns that can’t be ignored. You may even mix things that you actually would not put together in real life. For example, 2 pieces of clothing with bold, bright prints and colors could be put together with a beach hat, pail or beach ball and some shoes, a belt and/or tie to showcase summer merchandise. You would probably never suggest a customer wear the all of the items in the window together, but they will surely draw people in to have a closer look at what you have – because they can’t be ignored.

Once the customer enters the store they can see more displays like this, as well as those that show how to actually wear or utilize these items. Ideally, you want displays that are up higher on your walls and also those that can be touched down low so the customer can see up close how things actually do work together, which should lead to sales of multiple items. Most buyers don’t understand how things coordinate unless they are shown by a salesperson or see it hanging together as a complete ensemble. This would include adding in the appropriate accessories. So in the Fall you might have a tank top hanging under an open button up shirt and/or jacket and would also have a pair of jeans or leggings hanging with this combination – all on the same hanger. When you do in store display like this, especially when it’s within the customer’s reach, you want to have all of the items being shown close by and accessible.

When you utilize in-store and window displays in fun and meaningful ways you can increase sales tremendously!

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